Imagine what it would be like to have a wonderful high school experience and a smooth transition to college

College By Design demystifies the college selection and application process through tailored consulting services and step-by-step guidance. By championing student interests and imparting writing and organizational skills that will carry students through college and into the workplace, College By Design supports families through every stage of this process.

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Build a relationship and RECEIVE CURATED GUIDANCE

What would it be like to know someone is in your corner—helping you plan, providing answers to your questions, being one step ahead, and eliminating the usual confusion and anxiety that comes with high school and applying to college? By getting to know each student and family, College By Design builds individualized plans to help students find their passions, set goals, utilize their strengths, and take ownership of their high school years and the college selection/application process.



It's hard to know where to start looking...

A big university?
A small liberal arts college?
A bustling urban environment?
A quiet college town?
Do you dream of getting to know your professors?
Do you HATE scantron tests?
Do you long to escape winter?
Want to continue playing a sport?
What about acapella?
Core Curriculum vs non-traditional?
Big time sports and school spirit?
STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, the Arts?

College By Design helps clients identify their academic and social needs, and match their personality and learning style to specific colleges. By pinpointing programs, majors, and minors that fit what you hope to study, introducing you to research, activities, and volunteer opportunities that align with your interests – we build an individualized plan to help students attain their goals while working within the financial parameters of their families.


Giving Back

College By Design leads by example through philanthropy, empathy, and pro bono work. A percentage of every client fee goes to supporting college bound students in need, and bi-annual donations to student causes. College By Design is committed to giving back to Minnesota’s vibrant and diverse community, and ensuring that opportunities for higher education are available to everyone.